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Mental Training Expert

Our mind is our operating system, and it drives each thought, belief, movement, and technique that we would ever need. If the newest iPhone ran off the first-ever iPhone operating system, it would be completely dysfunctional. Your performance also becomes dysfunctional if you aren't upgrading your operating system constantly.


If you are not training your mind, you're leaving a huge competitive advantage on the table.

About Clay Frost

Everything I do is designed for high performance and leading athletes to reach their highest possible level of success. I am results-oriented and process-driven. I focus on understanding, development, and mastery of mental skills. My primary objectives are: 1) To improve the speed at which athletes can learn, create, and adjust. 2) To increase their ability to execute in performance. 3) To help them to develop a second nature, to perform instinctively.


I grew up playing many sports and decided to stick to wrestling, where I became a D1 Student-Athlete and later wrestled internationally. Unfortunately, I spent 14 of my 16-year wrestling career dealing with one injury after another. Through these injuries, I pushed myself to excel on the mental side of athletics, which helped me find the path to the extremely rewarding career I currently have in mental training. I have been training athletes to master their minds since 2012.

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Who I've Worked With

I have worked with teams and individuals from the following organizations:

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Clay will enable any athlete to take their current skill set and through mental training, enhance those talents past what the athlete could do on his own.

Matt F.

National Champion

D1 Athlete

As I have worked with Clay, I understand how to design my own path to success. I now know that success is not something I can reach on "default," but is attained through design. The time I spend with Clay has truly been transformative.

Nahshon Garrett

NCAA National Champion

4x NCAA All-American

(801) 860-2267

Orem, UT

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