The more time and effort invested into your athlete's mental game, the better and quicker results they will get. Here are potential options to consider when it comes to upgrading and improving your athlete's mental game! A Free Account will get you a sneak peek into what the MGW System can do for your athlete, Lightweight is all online, Middleweight includes group coaching with a deeper level of customization, and Heavyweight is my individualized 1-on-1 mental performance coaching for elite athletes who qualify through the application process.


  • 100+ Mental Training Videos

  • 25+ Worksheets and Downloads 

  • Email and Text Support

  • Video Recommendations

  • Mental Training Rewards



  • Everything in Featherweight plus:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

  • Individualized Mental Training Plan

  • Watch Order of Mental Training Videos



  • Everything in Middleweight plus:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

  • Accountability Measures to Ensure Progess

  • Full Access to the MGW System

  • Parent & Coach Involvement as necessary



  • Everything in Middleweight plus:

  • Face-to-Face Mental Training Camp

  • Sessions anytime

  • Full Performance and Training Integration

  • Whatever It Takes To Get Results


Not sure which is the best fit for your athlete?

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