We Are Looking For Parents Who Want Their Athlete To...

Level Up & Make Their Mind Their Greatest Weapon

  • Okay Clay,

  • I watched the video

  • I am the parent of an athlete

  • My athlete has so much potential

  • ... but needs help leveling up!

  • My athlete needs help to learn how to control their emotions, focus better, and perform at their best!

  • I'm willing to invest into my athlete's mental training

  • I want my athlete's mind to be their greatest weapon

  • I want to learn more!

  • If all of that is true, go ahead and:

"Working with Clay has been a complete game changer"

Meet Jenni. She is the mother of fantastically hard-working athletes. 


Of her 4 children, one is a triple crown winner in wrestling, two others are top-25 recruits in the nation as cross country runners, and her daughter finished 6th All-Around and 1st on Bars at the 2019 Women's Junior Olympic National Championships. 

"Clay is amazing and has SERIOUSLY helped me in my gymnastics!"

MyKayla is one BA gymnast, she has won 3 world gold medals with Team USA (2014, 2015, and 2019) and another world bronze medal (2014). She competed at the University of Utah and won 2 NCAA Championships and was the All-Around runner-up twice as well. 

"I 100% recommend athletes to work with Clay!"

4x All-American and National Champ for Cornell. Complete stud of a wrestler and an even better person. He won the world team trials to represent Team USA in Budapest, Hungary. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury 2 weeks before the world championship, where his backup won a bronze medal. Nahshon was on the long road back from injury and is primed to make an impact as he strives for Olympic glory at the 2021 Olympics! 

Check Out What Others Have to Say about Working With Clay:

Ready To Get Started?!

I know Clay has helped my daughter's mental game because she is enjoying her training more, has a better mindset, and is taking huge steps to achieve her goals everyday.



Because of what Clay has taught me, my performance in my competition as well as my everyday workouts and practices have improved greatly.


5 x National Champion

World Bronze Medalist

Thanks so much for your help. The time you spent with my son really helped him overcome his fears and get out of his head so he could perform well!



Clay helped my team to 

better understand their own mental game processes, how to respond to certain situations, and that the game is as much mental as it is physical. I know it helped them so much because I saw them implement the tools in games and practices, and I saw 100% engagement in the mental training sessions.


Head Baseball Coach

Park City High School

Because my son worked with Clay he now goes to tournaments with a mental game plan that helps him perform better than he ever has. He is way more relaxed and ready to deal with any pressure or performance anxiety that used to feel.



Clay coached the team to improve their ability to bounce back and to focus after making a mistakes. Clay gave the players strategies for zoning out the negative noise, learning from mistakes, and reseting after mistakes. He taught the players how to gain confidence each time they stepped on the field no matter the result.


Parent & Team Administrator

I know the skills he helped my team develop made a huge difference as we entered the postseason. The real victory for us was learning how to compete and gain mental toughness. I didn’t hesitate to ask Clay to come work with my team again the following season.


Head Volleyball Coach

Corner Canyon High School

He is a colleague with whom I am proud to associate.

I highly recommend Coach Frost.


Mountain West Elite

Clay helped my athletes to 

get focused on the moment. They were able to be more present during competition. They were also able to refocus when things got out of hand.


Head Wrestling Coach 
Southern Virginia University

Working with Clay has made a huge difference in my performance and training. I still use what we talked about at practice every single day. I highly recommend Clay Frost as a mental conditioning coach.


Professional MMA Fighter

Before working with Clay, my mental game was almost non-existant. I now know how to direct my mind to get the results I want.


Division 1 Football Player

The training Clay provided left us moving in the right direction mentally. I recommend Clay as a mental training professional.


Head Coach 
Utah Warriors (MLR)

Are you ready to help your athlete level up & make their mind their greatest weapon?

You're probably asking...

"How much will this cost?"

  • I charge a fair monthly fee. ​


    There are three different delivery systems with three different levels of value. 


    I've named them appropriately: Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight.


    (Ranging from a couple of hundred to $1397 for our premiere package)


    In the conversation you'll have with my team, they will talk to you about the Heavyweight.


    That is where your athlete will make the most progress and truly make the mind their greatest weapon.   


    Truth is: your athlete will never be able to do this all by himself/herself. 


    Even GOATs like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady needed help making their minds their greatest weapon!


    Athletes can only train three things:


    1) Craft/Sport 2) Body 3) Mind


    If your athlete isn't training their mind, then they are leaving a huge competitive advantage on the table.


    Hop on a call and we will answer all of your questions!

"How fast will I see results?"

  • From the first session, I will give your athlete actionable tools that they can apply immediately.


    They will see results as soon as they put those tools to work.


    As soon as they start putting in the work they will see results.


    We will start by hitting on the weakest part of your athlete's mental game.


    Whether that be emotional control, focus, self-talk, motivation, self-confidence, etc.


    But the results don't stop there, that is why I do not work with session packages, they completely limit effectiveness.


    I am not here to just put out fires, but to set your athlete up for success in their sport and in their life.


    I require a three month commitment to start.


    Over those three months your athlete will develop mental tools and mindsets that will completely change the way they learn, execute, and perform!




    Don't get me wrong, this isn't any secret pill or super hack, it's just world class mental coaching. 


    It will take hard, deliberate work, but I will be with your athlete every step of the way.


    The best part of all of this, not only do the results kick-in almost instantly...


    We will develop your athlete's mind into their greatest weapon, forged for the long-term.

“What type of results can I expect?”

Your athlete's mind dictates everything that happens in their life.


each thought


each idea


each belief


each habit


starts in the mind and rules every result that comes in your athlete's life, both in and out of sport.


Imagine your athlete with the ability to learn significantly faster, not just in the film room, but on the field during practice, or in the weight room, or even in the classroom. 


Imagine your athlete with the ability to perform at their best when it matters most.


Imagine your athlete with the confidence to walk with their head held high regardless of the outcome or result.


Imagine your athlete with independently high levels of motivation where he/she can self-motivate in any situation.


Imagine your athlete with a strong sense of identity, not easily swayed by the words and actions of others. 


Do you like what you're seeing?


These, and many more are the results you can expect when your athlete works with me. 


I don't promise wins and championships, but I can promise the development of mental skills and mindsets that greatly influence wins, championships, scholarships, and successful careers. 


              The TL;DR Version:

              I coach your athlete to help their mind to become their greatest weapon on the field and in life. Act fast, I can only work with so many athletes at one time! I have 3 spots available.


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